15+ Wonderful Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Set The Right Mood

Applying a perfect lighting plan for your bedroom, you’re gonna need some wonderful bedroom lighting ideas for that.

Everyone needs a place to crash and rest away from their exhausting everyday activities. Nowadays in modern homes, bedrooms are not just the simple slumber zones anymore. It’s evolved into a most multi-functional room in a house. That kind of room is not easy to illuminate.

You need to consider some ways to get your bedroom well illuminated. The purposes of the lighting should be the one that you consider first. Then, you could decide the perfect position, design, and amount of lights you are gonna need inside the room.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

There are some types of lights may want to know in order to make the right decision. There are ceiling lights, task lights, reading lamps, dramatic lighting, wardrobe lighting, natural lighting, blocked light, and decorative light. You need to have a reason why you choose a light to be in the bedroom.

Here are 15 wonderful lighting ideas for your bedroom to help you decide which one does the best thing in your bedroom.

1. Stylish Pendant Lights for Bedroom

bathroom pendant lighting
Stylish Pendant Lights for Bedroom : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

If your goal in designing your small bedroom is to save some space, you can apply this easy idea. It’s the easiest way you can do on your nightstand to save some space. The pendant lights should be placed above the bedside table.

This glamorous bedroom is designed by Jaime Rose Interiors. This bedroom is simple and glamorous. You don’t need luxurious accessories and expensive furniture to add glamour to your bedroom. This idea can be a good example.

Pros :
– The gold-colored headboard and pillows shine the glamour off to the atmosphere.
– The chic design of the bedside table.
Cons :
– The wall design pattern is unseen.

2. Bedroom Design with Recessed Lighting Above Headboard

bedroom lighting design
bedroom lighting design : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

As you can see in the headboard nook, there are two recessed lighting to offer a softer glow for a good night sleep. During the day, this small bedroom gets so many natural lights from the window. The windows seem to be in the right place.

On the ceiling, this bedroom has a flush-mount ceiling light with glass-and-brass fixture. It would provide the bright lights you need in the night without natural light. The soft grey color in this bedroom stands out so good.

Pros :
– The recessed lighting above the headboard is clever.
Cons :
– Those two big cabinets on either side of the bed is a waste of space.

3. Wall Sconces Bedroom Lighting

bed wall lights
Wall Sconces Bedroom Lighting : http://homelivings.info/

If you are into simplicity and industrial, this could be a nice addition to your bedroom. A small bedroom with a huge bed needs a space-saving option for its accessories and lightings. One thing you could do is to get a bedside lamp for the lighting.

Wall sconces seem to be a great option for your bedroom. The tiny bedroom wouldn’t be bothered with the addition of something. The sconce is completed with adjustable arm. It would be flexible to adjust and help you with your reading activity before bed.

Pros :
– During the day, you don’t have to worry about the lighting because of the window.
Cons :
– The bed is just too oversized.

4. Stunning Light Fixture for Bedroom

bedroom ceiling light
bedroom ceiling light fixtures : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

You all would be agree that light fixture is stunning and one of a kind. The designer of this light is combined the two popular trends into one. Just by seeing at that crystal and chandeliers combination, it’s like you are brought to the different side of the universe.

Of course, everyone will be impressed with its luxurious and stunning design. The hanging drum fixtures that accommodate the materials are just doing a great job. Because of the attention-stealing design of light fixture, the rest of the bedroom elements are not important.

Pros :
– Staying in basic mode, that bed is perfect.
Cons :
– The light fixture has too much charm to expose, it’s not good for a bedroom.

5. Ceiling Fan Lighting for Bedroom

bedroom ceiling lights ideas
bedroom ceiling lights ideas : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

The bedroom with ceiling fan is quite popular right now. You’re not only getting the cool breeze from the fan, but also the lighting your need for your bedroom. It also makes a great decor for the ceiling.

The fan would be a nice addition to the ceiling charm, it offers pleasant breeze and a hefty style’s dose. The fan design is a combination of sparkling crystal with traditional style.

Pros :
– The whole bedroom atmosphere is lovely.
– It’s traditionally glamorous.
Cons :
– The level of glamour is decreased because of that buffalo skull above the headboard.

6. Recessed Lighting on The Whole Ceiling

bedroom ceiling lights
bedroom ceiling lights : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

The previous idea suggests you have two recessed lighting on the headboard nook of your bed. This time is completely different. The recessed lightings are all over the ceiling. This type of lighting cast subtle ambient lighting for the bedroom.

This a versatile option you could choose for your bedroom. But, having only recessed lighting is not enough, you’ve got to have other supporting lights such as table lamps, floor lamps, etc.

Pros :
– The calming effect of the dramatic light is so comforting.
Cons :
– There are too many windows which can disturb your privacy.

7. Bedroom with Multi-Functional Track Lights

bedroom lighting ideas
bedroom lighting ideas : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/

There are two purposes that are served by track lights, the first one is to provide general illumination, the second one is to display the artwork on the wall. It also can create a dramatic impact on the wall.

Pros :
– This contemporary bedroom is stylishly served by the track lights.
– You won’t need any other supporting lightings.
Cons :
– The ceiling part in this bedroom would be the darkest.

8. Layered Lights in A Bedroom

bedroom lighting decoration
bedroom lighting decoration : https://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Lighting is the most important element for this opulent bedroom. Check out this striking bedroom, it’s become more interesting because of the lighting design. It uses layers of light by installing some recessed fixtures along the ceiling’s perimeter.

It also helps to highlight the windows and makes the screen behind the bed more elaborated. There are also some floor and table lamps for your task lighting.

Pros :
– Layers of light will fulfill your light need.
– It adds dramatic feeling to the room.
Cons :
– During the night, this bedroom could be darker.

9. Multiple Light Sources Around The Bedroom

bedroom lighting designs
bedroom lighting designs : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

This bedroom has a black color in domination. So, providing more lights is very important. During the day, the lighting would be supported by the bright natural light from the outside through the window. During the night, there could be a lot of work to do.

This contemporary bedroom is served with two bedside lamps, a floor lamp, a ceiling fixture, and a mirror wall to reflect the lights. The amount of the lights would be plenty during the night. There’s no need to worry about it.

Pros :
– The mirror wall on the bed’s background would be very helpful to provide extra lights.
Cons :
– For a room with such amount of dark colors, those lightings are not enough.

10. Classic Bedroom with Glass Pendant Lights

bedroom lighting decorating ideas
bedroom lighting decorating ideas : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

This is one of the simplest bedroom lighting ideas you can apply in your classic bedroom. The more wood you have in the room the better it’s gonna be. The glass pendant lights will provide maximum lights that are supportive of your reading and dressing activity.

This traditional bedroom design for men is designed by Jute Interior Design. If you live alone in your apartment and have a small bedroom, this seems to be the ideal design for you.

Pros :
– The wardrobe design is supportive of the room’s space.
Cons :
– The hanging bedside glass pendant lights would be too bright because of the unblurred glass.
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11. Formal Style Bedroom Lights

bedroom lighting decor
bedroom lighting decor : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

The bedside table and the wall sconces in this bedroom are well matched. It adds a formal feel to this bedroom. What makes this bedroom more interesting is the comforter’s design. Formal style can be boring, but it’s saved by the colorful comforter and the foot bench.

This bedroom is designed by Gordon James Design. White paneled wall as the bed’s background bedroom is a clever decision made by the designer.

Pros :
– The mounted light fixtures bring a unique charm to the wall.
Cons :
– The green pattern from the comforter should be accompanied by a bench in dark blue.

12. Low-Hanging Pendant Bedroom Lighting

bedroom lighting for low ceilings
bedroom lighting for low ceilings : https://i.pinimg.com/

One of the unique bedroom lighting ideas that you can easily apply in your own bedroom. Throw away your old bedside table lamp, you need this low-hanging pendant to give your bedroom a unique new look.

This kind of light would help you reading, doing make-up, and much more. Because of the clear glass, the room would be a lot brighter with the light is turned on. It needs to be installed on each side of the bed if the bed is in the center of the room.

Pros :
– The black wall is ready to balance the number of lights from this lighting.
Cons :
– The chains offers a weird looking support to hang pendant.

13. Bedroom Lighting Idea with Soft Illumination

elegant bedroom lighting
elegant bedroom lighting : https://atmedia.imgix.net/

This bedroom is already supported by a huge amount of natural light from the big windows. You don’t have to worry during the day. But at night, there’s one soft light pendant hanging from the ceiling. Those bunch of lights which have diffuser would be ready to handle the calming atmosphere you need in a bedroom.

The ceiling lights would be the main lighting you have in this bedroom at night. For supporting your reading activity before bed, you are gonna need side lamps on the bedside table.

Pros :
– It’s a great way to refresh your bedroom atmosphere.
Cons :
– That light fixture is not bright enough to be the main lighting in the bedroom.

14. Traditional-Style Bedroom with Non-Traditional Light Fixture

good bedroom lighting
good bedroom lighting : https://fthmb.tqn.com/

That chandelier that’s hanging from the ceiling can’t be called as traditional because it’s not typical traditional chandelier like the crystal-bedecked ones. It’s a gorgeous, goals, three-tier drum chandelier that gives that would amaze everyone with its charm.

Some people would mind this chandelier because of its size. It’s a little bit too big. You can just make it a bit smaller.

Pros :
– The color of the chandelier is a match with the door and the ceiling design.
Cons :
– This chandelier should be in a living room, not for a bedroom.

15. Bedroom Table Lamps for A Classic Option

Bedroom Table Lamps
Bedroom Table Lamps for A Classic Option : http://fortikur.com/

If we are not talking about the table lamps or bedside table lamps, this article would be incomplete. Take a look at the classic touch from the table lamps in this modern bedroom. Why is this kind of lighting is so popular? It’s because this lighting is available in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and colors.

There would be a lot of attractive choices you’ll find in order to complement your bedroom to be more impressive than ever.

Pros :
– The simplicity is enjoyed by everyone.
– It would be there every time you need.
– It’s the safest choice of lighting for bedroom.
Cons :
– It’s just too old and outdated for modern homes.

16. Floor Lamp as Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas
Floor Lamp as Bedroom Lighting Ideas : https://cdn.cliqueinc.com/

For a larger bedroom who has enough space on the floor, a tall floor lamp can be a good option. You can bring in an additional source of light to accompany your main lightings. The tall floor lamps would also pick up on decor details all over the room.

You have to decide what do you want the floor lamp to do to your bedroom. It can add a sense of cohesion, it would also make a style statement for the bedroom. Once again, make sure your floor is ready for a charm of a floor lamp.

Pros :
– Who needs two bedside lamps when you have one flexible tall lamps.
Cons :
– This is a large bedroom that needs more than just main light and such secondary light.
Conclusion :
You have to opt for a bedroom lighting that gives you the right mood, the mood you want. That’s the key to a comfortable bedroom you’ll achieve from applying bedroom lighting ideas. Get ready to transform your bedroom’s atmosphere to be improved just because of the new lighting design.
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