Why Are Wood Swings Perfect For Your Porch

wood swing on your porch

Long gone are the days when swings were just spotted in parks and were confined in the kids’ territory. It has now become a part of the home furniture enjoyed equally by both adults and kids alike. With more families … Read more

How to Save Money While Renovating a Living Room

How to Save Money While Renovating a Living Room

Regardless of just how big your home renovation, or room renovation budget is, we’re here to tell you that things can get out of control quite quickly.  With anything home related, especially a renovation, you can quickly snowball your costs … Read more

Having Yellow Kitchen? Sure!

yellow kitchen

Many people believe kitchen is the most important aspect of a home and household. It is where the family routines start from and end with. Therefore, not only living room and bedroom, but kitchen needs to be decorated as well. … Read more