13 Practical Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space

Small bedroom ideas – Adding layers of texture and experimenting with different color choices to turn your cozy bedroom into a dream haven need not be a challenge. From shelving to corner beds and clever furniture pieces, here are 13 small bedroom ideas to help you create the illusion of a bigger room.

1. Contrasting Colors to Open Up the Space

To add an elegant and sophisticated touch to your cozy bedroom, use black and white decoration as the classic color combination. White is a neutral color that serves as a solid backdrop, and as you can see in this image, it works very well for opening up the space, thanks to the matching bedding and wall accessories as added layers.


  • The color combination of white and black creates the illusion of space
  • Black unifies the furniture, while white makes the room feel serene

  • Doesn’t have the same glow as warmer colors

2. Opt for Bunk Bed with Storage for Kids’ Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are always smaller than other rooms. In a household of 2 or more children, opting for a double bunk bed under a single bed in a shared room would mean your kids will have more space to play with. The bedroom in this image shows a chest of drawers for storing clothes, but there is also additional storage space under the bunk bed.


  • More floor space available
  • Additional storage under the bunk bed is useful for larger families

  • Bunk beds tend to have child safety issues for some parents so only use them for children aged 6 or older. If your kids are younger than 6, place them on the lower bunk.

3. Lack of Bedrooms? Just Add a Corner Bed For your Child

The matching bedding of the double bed with the child’s corner bed makes this minimalist bedroom feel cozy. What’s more, the double-size wardrobe means there is plenty of storage room for all. There are also two matching side tables for the child and the parents with a large and small window as the perfect additions.


  • The idea works perfectly in homes with space limitations

  • No privacy for the parents and the child
  • Not a long-term solution

4. Go for the Unconventional Look

The white walls and tall windows take the focus away from the messy, unmade bed. The lack of storage in this room hasn’t proved to be a problem as the wall is used for hanging the essential items and the floor is used for the decorative pieces.


  • The white walls and generously sized windows make you feel relaxed

  • The shape of the room means limitations in the bed size

5. Create a Corner Work Space

In this bedroom, a small corner desk provides a working space with just the right amount of lighting from the small window. The mounted TV is positioned in a way that makes watching TV from bed very comfortable indeed.


  • The balance of light makes an ideal working environment
  • Bedroom is the quietest place to work from home

  • Watching TV from the bedroom can disturb your sleep and affect your health
  • It’s a bad Feng Shui to work from the bedroom

6. Make the Guest Bedroom Functional with Built-in Wardrobe

This small but functional guest bedroom with wall decals is the perfect picture of how to use the space wisely. The integrated shelves in the wardrobe provide adequate storage.


  • Built-in wardrobe has ample space for storage
  • The room looks inviting and warm

  • No rug
  • No side table

7. Accentuate the Wooden Floor with Natural Materials

This image shows how the hardwood floor is the focal point of the room. The surrounding decoration consists of plants and a wooden bed as the perfect complements to the natural flooring. Even the shelving is made from real wood and other natural materials.


  • Real wood makes the small room feel cozier and more inviting
  • The bedroom has an authentic vibe

  • The bedding doesn’t match the room’s decor

8. Adopt the Same Style as Small Hotel Rooms

This bedroom is overly furnished and feels almost too suffocating. It’s the classic example of a budget hotel room, but there are some things you can do to lessen the claustrophobic feeling: open the balcony door to let air and natural light flood the room.


  • It’s very convenient to have a shower in the bedroom.
  • Balcony helps natural light to enter the room

  • Too cluttered with furniture
  • Not a long-term solution

9. Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors For an Illusion of Space

Covering an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling mirrors is a great way to fill the wall space and create the illusion of spaciousness in a small bedroom. Paired with a classy chandelier and a series of recess lights on the ceiling, this bedroom looks and feels bigger than it really is.


  • Room looks bigger and open
  • The color combination of soft blue works perfectly with the bedding
  • Sliding mirrors also act as the built-in wardrobe’s doors

  • According to Feng Shui, mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, which can result in restlessness.

10. No Space for a Wardrobe? Use a Storage Bed Instead

A quick lifting of the mattress reveals the ample storage space underneath the bed. This idea works in tight bedrooms that have limited space for a wardrobe.


  • It maximizes your storage space
  • You will save money with a 2-in-1 bed and storage space

  • The mattress can be too heavy to lift
  • Mold or dirt can accumulate beneath the bed

11. Match the Wooden Ceiling with the Bed Frame

The white dormer wooden ceiling is a perfect complement to the brown wooden bed frame. The side tables are also made of wood to match the bed.


  • A country-style feel that’s cozy and full of charm

  • The white wooden ceiling is a little bland and bare

12. Employ More Space with Built-in Wall Cabinets & Shelves

All built-in furniture on the wall has saved much space for the room. Moreover, this teenager’s functional bedroom has incorporated purple and blue color schemes that blend perfectly with the divan bed, wall cabinets and shelves.


  • Plenty of storage on the wall and underneath the bed
  • Blue and purple colors are a great combination

  • Bare and bland flooring
  • The ceiling has no lights

13. Even the Narrowest Bedroom Can be Transformed

This before and after image of a teenager’s bedroom is proof that even the most compact bedrooms can be turned into functional rooms. The built-in wall cabinets and wardrobe are beautifully matched with the rest of the room’s decor. There is even a study desk fitted in front of the small window.


  • Not a thing looks out of place
  • Excellent use of space

  • A little too dark
Since we spend almost one third of our lives in our bedroom, it has to be a room that we enjoy being in. Regardless of the room’s size, it must provide a welcoming vibe with the right aesthetics and decorations. With our simple and effective tips, you should by now have a better idea of how to maximize your small bedroom space.

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