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12 Best Concept Open Kitchen Design Ideas & Pictures

Open Kitchen Design – The kitchen area is among the most important areas in your house, not only is it the location where scrumptious household meals are prepared; it is likewise a vital meeting point for a member of the family in the morning as well as eve and after meals.

Consequently, the style of your kitchen is highly crucial and also it is vital you get this right. Individuals obtain a feeling for a room when they walk into it, if the feeling is not right, they will right away dislike the space.

Open Kitchen Design

open kitchen design
open kitchen design image: By Sean McEvoy

Whether you’re looking to create extra space in your home or just want a floor plan for your kitchen and dining area that welcomes guests and family members alike, you may want to explore options for an open kitchen design. Open kitchens can be great spaces for entertaining, but they also have benefits when it comes to functionality, storage, and efficiency.

One of the first things you’ll need to consider for your open kitchen is how many walls you want to keep standing in the space. If any of the walls are load-bearing, your decision may be made for you (you should probably keep those). But if you’re relatively free and clear to take down any internal walls, you’ll have an opportunity to keep as few as just one. Single-wall open kitchens are not uncommon, and they create the most open feel of any design but you’ll sacrifice a bit of storage to implement a one-walled open kitchen design.

Many homeowners who opt for a one-walled open kitchen design compensate for the lack of storage in clever ways. A large kitchen island is a familiar sight in a one-walled open kitchen, and islands can be a great storage option, as well as offering several other important uses, from seating and dining to food preparation. Some open kitchen designs even feature islands with sinks, to maintain the classic work triangle between the sink, refrigerator, and stove. When it comes to storage, islands in a one-walled open kitchen may feature sets of pull-out drawers, cabinets, and even appliances or convenient features like a lazy Susan or pull-out garbage can. If a one-walled open kitchen design isn’t in the cards for you and an L-shaped or other design is planned, you can still easily feature a kitchen island if space allows.

Lighting is a particularly key feature of open kitchen designs since open designs tend to incorporate more space than their closed-in counterparts. Finding the right balance of coverage, style and function can be a challenge, but if you focus on the three basic lighting types—main, decorative and task—you should have no problem lighting your open kitchen design. For the main lighting, consider a track that encircles the room or runs through the middle of the entire design. A chandelier or large hanging pendant can light the dining room space. Task lighting is a great idea for the sink, cooking, and food prep areas. And finally, decorative lighting can be a great feature for the tops and bottoms of cabinets.

When it comes to furniture for your open kitchen design, seating will be paramount. Open kitchens are meant to be communal areas where conversation and entertaining are as common as cooking, cleaning, and dining. Stools or bar-style chairs can be a great addition to a kitchen island to add seating options, and you may also add sets to countertops; a traditional dining area with table and chairs can serve as an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room.

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One-Wall Open Kitchen Design

open kitchen design ideas
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A solitary wall of home appliances and floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry is best for an open kitchen design. A long island homes a sink, maintaining the work triangular compact, and also holds extra storage space. Island seats allow friends and family to remain close without getting in the way. A big arch links the open cooking area with a dining location. Without walls to divide both spaces, natural light from the dining location splashes right into the kitchen area, making it feel much more open as well as light.

Two-Island Open Kitchen Design

open kitchen design restaurant
open kitchen design:

This kitchen area has all of it– two fridges, two sinks, and also two islands. All these functions can cramp an improperly prepared space, however, the cooking area maintains a fresh, open feel. White cabinets and also light-color wall surfaces keep the storage-packed room from really feeling overwhelming, and also glass inserts in the upper closets make the area really feel lighter. The vaulted ceiling adds quantity, while a skylight adds natural light. The islands include feature without shutting off the kitchen from the adjoining living room. They likewise supply storage space, prep area, as well as seating for informal dishes.

Open Kitchen Design Woodwork

open kitchen designs with islands
open kitchen design:

An open format does not indicate the areas are equivalent from each other. Ceiling beam of lights discreetly separate the dining area, living area, as well as kitchen in this open layout. The same timber coating also connects the spaces with each other: The kitchen cabinets and island match the woodwork in the rest of the home.

Open Concept Kitchen Designs That Really Work

kitchen design ideas
open kitchen design:

The suggestion of an open principle kitchen is not unusual, especially in the case of modern as well as contemporary residences. Nowadays the tendency is making the interior as liquid as feasible and also to simplify the structure and also the decor as much as feasible without sacrificing the functionality. It’s why getting rid of the barrier in between the cooking area and the social rooms is a functional move.

Frequently, the kitchen is connected to the dining area and also the two rooms are nearby. The table normally comes to be a buffer zone in between the cooking area and also the living/ sitting area. This residence in Vancouver designed by engineer Randy Bens is an example.

Often the three features are not necessarily all part of the same open floor plan. The kitchen and the dining room, because of their similarities, could create a single zone while the other social locations from one more. It’s a concept that Aileen Sage Architects made use of when developing the Yard Home, among the lots of kitchen area layout that enhance modern residences.

Open-plan Kitchen Diner With Butcher’s Block Units

open kitchen layout
open kitchen design:

Set the tone for a classic nation kitchen area with a butcher’s block fitted to kitchen cupboards, continuing the motif in the adjoining dining area with a painted cream cabinet. A connected cooking area and eating location produce easy offering. In this setup, the tables can be easily moved depending on the flow of website traffic and also the variety of people dining. For large occasions, the tables are removed making room for interacting, and also the island functions as a buffet for appetizers.

A different dining-room is generally located in standard homes. A kitchen area that is open to the dining location is a much more welcoming, casual room. In this home, the kitchen opens right into both the dining area and living room for an expansive household room. A comfy sofa and TV make this open plan kitchen area cooking area expansion the perfect family-friendly area.

Open-plan Kitchen Diner With Coordinating Colour Schemes

open concept kitchen design
open kitchen design:

A dining room that leads straight via to the kitchen requires a linking palette– refined gray on the walls and tranquil neutrals on upholstered furnishings are the tricks to success. Cabinets extend to the ceiling in this streamlined, modern kitchen.

The added storage gained from the high cupboards as well as the central island allows for an open layout that moves naturally right into the dining area. An open format enhances the clean lines of this hip, city space. It additionally functions well for amusing. Guests could easily collect around the island or the table without feeling as if they’ve left the kitchen area.

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small open kitchen design
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Consider colors carefully when planning an open plan kitchen. Cream units keep the look light yet they’re warm and inviting, while smart black worktops provide a sharp contrast. When kitchens are open to other areas of the house, it’s important to integrate the styles so the rooms don’t clash. The ornate French detailing of this home is fluid throughout from the kitchen island to the fireplace and the banquette.

To open up this small kitchen in an older home, the renovators created a large pass-through in one wall. The peninsula creates a location for casual seating — a great alternative to putting chairs around an island when space is limited.

If you have a small, closed-off kitchen and are looking to renovate, consider taking down some walls. The owners of this old home turned five small rooms into an open kitchen area — a more welcoming layout when they come down the stairs.

open concept kitchen family room design ideas
open kitchen design:

Tearing down the back wall surface as well as constructing a conservatory has created a brilliant and airy open-plan space in this Cotswold cottage. The cooking area systems and cabinet are repainted in an awesome bone color. You do not need a long stretch of space for an open format. This kitchen gets in touch with a dining area that twists around the corner right into a family room. Rugs accent the three rooms.

This kitchen is right in the middle of the residence’s primary website traffic flow. To maintain passersby off the beaten track, the owners split the kitchen area with two islands and left ample area for a walkway in the center. This format creates committed job zones on each side of the kitchen. Peninsulas that support the Colonial-style columns use setting where family and friends could collect outside the cooking area however still a conversation with the cook.

modern kitchen design
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This bright and large barn conversion kitchen is perfect for food preparation, eating and also relaxing. The bespoke Davenport units have been designed to balance the area’s capacious proportions, stopping it from appearing too cavernous, while additionally stressing the architectural attributes.

With seating, storage, as well as a marble countertop, this big island appears more like a luxurious furnishings piece than a workstation. Open shelving around the entrance matches the painted wood island and enhances the furniture high quality. Stainless-steel appliances, range hood, and also inconspicuous tools infuse the space with contemporary style.

This modern cooking area and dining room combo showcase light as well as shade. All-natural light from all sides of your home fills the area and also shows off the distinctive, clear glass area divider panels. Glass-front cabinets on the wall surface additionally add to the open feel. Neutral tones throughout the space enable the red accents to stand apart.

Blue Open-plan Kitchen Design

open kitchen design plans
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The charm of huge open layouts is that you could be more speculative as well as be daring with your color scheme without it subduing the space. Right here, an extra-large island system is painted a vibrant blue shade to resemble the function wall surface beyond. Contrasting light blue bar stools and light floor covering assistance balance things out. Bespoke Newport painted the solid-ash kitchen area with lumber and also composite worktops from Sola.

When intending a remodel, make the most of the space you have. This previous family room was changed into an open kitchen area with a comfy seating area. The owners additionally turned the adjacent shower room into the helpful kitchen. Pale blue systems with modern-day bar manage give this cooking area its contemporary credentials. Team with a redeemed teak wood table as well as timber floor covering to supply a cozy nation tone.

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open kitchen design images
open kitchen design image:

A typical sunroom expansion with a large roofing lantern makes area for an open-plan eating location in this kitchen, and also the double-island layout guides people around the supporting column.

Broadening an entranceway is a terrific option for opening up space. A grand archway provides this kitchen extra room to work while making it more social and accessible to the rest of the residence. The arch also places a traditional context around a mainly modern kitchen area, assisting it to combine with the remainder of the home’s décor.

The kitchen area’s leading color is white with dark timber accents on the chairs as well as reduced island countertop. The eating area duplicates the dark wood tone in the table, but also showcases lighter wood shades and also all-natural rock in the fireplace. A light blue wall surface color bridges both areas to provide the area a natural look.

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