15 Contemporary Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

What is a contemporary bedroom? It is an idea where a bedroom design is suitable with the present time. Some may call that modern or post-modern, depending on the generations. You may consider this type of bedroom a real favourite to many people. It is usually comfortable and simple.

If you prefer a contemporary bedroom over something too artistic or old-fashioned, there are varieties of designs. You can find them online or come up with your own ideas. After all, this is for your own comfort every night at home. Without further ado, check out some of these ideas here:

The Contemporary Bedroom Facing The Sea

contemporary bedroom sets
contemporary bedroom sets : http://inresidence.co.za

If you live somewhere along the coastline, the challenge usually has something to do with an uneven terrain. Instead of having a cubic-shaped of a room, your contemporary bedroom is square-shaped – almost like a giant coffin. If it is large enough, you can set the bed facing the glass windows or doors to the sea.

The view is a treat to those who love beaches and oceans. The wooden pallet floor makes the room feel close to nature. There is also one extra space for sitting and hanging out, with couches and a coffee table.
When the tides get rough, it can really get noisy at night. The sight of a rising tide may scare you and disturb your sleep. The bedroom is a little too big for one person to sleep alone.

The Monochromatic Contemporary Bedroom for Couples

contemporary bedroom
contemporary bedroom : https://i.pinimg.com

This monochromatic, contemporary bedroom is simple and for couples. You can tell that from the two frames hanging above the bed with the black writing “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on white backgrounds. Faint white stripes on pale grey bedcover and pillows plus different shades of wooden pallet floor make the room look more interesting.

You do not have to take so much time and energy to arrange this type of bedroom. With the minimalist style and mostly white background, you have enough light to brighten up this room.
After a while, monochromatic style might get boring. You can change that by not hanging black curtains and change the pictures above your bed with something more colorful. The built-in shelf above looks rather useless.

The Mountainside, Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom furniture
contemporary bedroom furniture : http://decorapatio.com

Just like the house by the rocky beaches, another one on the mountainside faces the similar challenge: the uneven terrain. Still, you can have something like this, a rectangular-shaped bedroom with a post-modern look. Silver and grey dominate the whole scene, from the pillows, bedcover, and a large pillar of wall in the middle.

Since the mountainside is usually cool, an AC is not needed. A fan above the bed is enough. An extra sitting room facing the glass windows behind the pillar is also nice for a hangout.
You might need more lighting here, because the design makes the room look rather gloomy. This arrangement looks more like a hotel bedroom instead of a warm, homey kind.

The Old, Western Style Bedroom

contemporary bedroom ideas
contemporary bedroom ideas : https://decoredo.com

This is another contemporary bedroom idea that you might want to consider. Still with the monochromatic style, the chandelier hanging on the ceiling makes this room look luxurious. The grey curtains and pillows, the white bedding, and the white furniture make this room more suitable as a private ski lodge or a winter house.

A perfect combination of monochromatic colors – white, black, and mostly grey – represents cool winter times and class. The faded grey carpeting also adds more warmth.
If the bedroom is small, the two chairs by the foot of the bed make it look more crowded. They have to go. The white bedcover and other furniture pieces also mean careful, more regular cleaning time.

The Pacific Textures For Your Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom sets king
contemporary bedroom sets king : http://www.architectureartdesigns.com

This contemporary bedroom has more of a “Pacific edge” to it. The windows are influenced by East Asian style (whether it is Japanese, Chinese, or even South Korean). There is a lot of blue elements among the brown and black here, like the wall by the bed, the bedcover outline, and the soft carpeting.

The color combination is not common and pretty bold. The room is medium-sized, so not having too many furniture pieces is also a good idea.
Although blue is already unique and striking enough, the wall design by the bed looks rather stiff. The leather material on the blue wall will also entrap heat in the room, so you might want to go easy on the lighting.

The White Contemporary Bedroom with A Bunch of Lightbulbs

modern contemporary bedroom furniture
modern contemporary bedroom furniture : https://i.pinimg.com

At a first glance, you would probably consider this just another white bedroom. Perhaps it is true, although you can also see its uniqueness. The lighting is made of a whip-like piece with lightbulbs attached to each hanging cable. The double doors also make this white bedroom stand out than other similar ones.

To make this small room not feel and look overcrowded, a minimalist style is the answer. Some pictures hanging on the wall also make the room look less bland.
Although the bunch of lightbulbs look cute, they are hung a bit too low. You might hit your head accidentally and the room will feel hotter.
The bedside lamp should be either well-attached to the bedside table or smaller. It is placed way to the corner that it might get knocked down by accident.

The Euro-Style Contemporary Bedroom

modern contemporary bedroom sets
modern contemporary bedroom sets : http://www.architectureartdesigns.com

This contemporary bedroom has a high ceiling, like normal bedrooms in some plush apartments or condominiums. With a sophisticated European style (minimalistic, almost industrial-like with more grey and other gloomy colors), you will sleep on a velvet bedding every night while you are here.

It is simple and does not require a lot of time to arrange things. This room is also perfect for the artistic type who are into old-school style.
Not everyone feels comfortable sleeping on a velvet bed. The color combination is nice to look at, but its gloomy effect might make some people feel like they are in a prison – especially with the bland wall. A little bit color from the right painting will reduce the depressing side effect.

The Fantasy Style, Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom design
contemporary bedroom design : https://static1.squarespace.com

This is probably one of the most interesting, contemporary bedroom ideas. Other parts may look the usual like any other regular bedrooms. The frames and the bedposts are made – or shaped – like tree trunks and branches. This requires some serious work of art and creatively vivid imagination.

You are the only one who own this kind of room. Unless somebody copies your idea, that is. The bed is the focal point, so you do not have to fuss about other parts of your bedroom for its interior design.
Unless you are willing to craft them all by yourself, the bed frames and posts might take a while to finish. Since this idea is one of a kind, it will definitely cost you more than buying a regular bed.

The Private Movie Screen

contemporary bedroom furniture sets
contemporary bedroom furniture sets : https://i.pinimg.com

Who needs cinemas when you can have your own private movie screenings at home? This large contemporary bedroom gives you the solution. You can watch movies from the large flat TV screen while you are in bed. Dominated by the similar shade of crimson, this bedroom is perfect for a fancy apartment or a condominium.

The balcony is also big enough to hang out. Although the room is large, it is wise not to put so many furniture pieces here. You need your moving space.
After a while, watching movies in bed (from such a large screen) might tire your eyes out. The lack of variety in shades or colors makes this bedroom look bland and more like a hotel room.

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The Turquoise Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom designs
contemporary bedroom designs : https://i.pinimg.com

A beach house is not complete without a proper interior design. That is the idea for this contemporary bedroom. With a simple color combination of white and turquoise, you automatically get a sense of an aquamarine element. If it is not enough, you can hang a turquoise buoy on a wall.

The interior design of this bedroom is fresh and light. The window leads to the view of the beach, so it is even more perfect.
The bedroom is too small, so you might want to choose a smaller bed. The big one here makes the room look stuffy.

Another Luxurious, Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom decor
contemporary bedroom decor : https://i0.wp.com

This is another luxurious, contemporary bedroom to consider. Perfect for a fancy apartment or a condominium, the interior design is dominated by grey and silver, plus a little bit of white here and there. Different shades of grey and silver make the room interior design look consistent and solid.

It is not hard to arrange this design, since the colors are only of different shades. The faux fur chair and the white carpeting add up to the classy style.
The consistency in the color combination might bore some people out. The aura of the room is not warm enough and rather gloomy.

The Orange Element

contemporary bedroom dressers
contemporary bedroom dressers : http://housesdesign.ru

If you are not into monochromatic styles too much, then this contemporary bedroom is an idea. Despite the neutral colors that dominate the entire room, an orange element in some parts is striking.

You can see that from the pillows, the bedcover, and the orange plastic flowers as part of the decoration. Not too much, but enough.

This look for a bedroom is far from boring. As long as you know how to put it in the right proportion, you get a bedroom with a flair.
The bed might be a little too large and wide for such a small room. Either you change the couch with something smaller or lose the cupboard in front of the bed.

The Dim-Lit Contemporary Bedroom with A Giant Mirror

contemporary bedroom styles
contemporary bedroom styles : http://www.nuitsunplugged.com

Some people might need to look in the mirror to check their whole look. This contemporary bedroom is large enough to save that space. With the giant mirror on one side of the wall, you get to be more aware of your appearance. The lighting is also soft and dim, so the room will not feel too hot.

The large bedroom looks more spacious without too many furniture pieces there. The grey carpeting also adds up to the expensive look of the entire room.
The twin bedside lamps may add up more light, but they are still not enough to properly light the entire room. If not properly placed, the giant mirror might cause an accident – like a bump on a foot, for example.

The Artistic Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom lighting
contemporary bedroom lighting : http://apafoz.com

Although dominated by neutral, earth-tone colors (soft white, brown, grey, and pastel), this contemporary bedroom is still artistic. You can see that from the grey concrete wall by the head of the bed.

There are faint patterns despite the dark grey of the concrete wall. The rolling blinds are perfect to replace the curtains on the windows.

This style is simple but still classy. The lighting is also enough, not too much because the pastel-colored walls have already brightened up the room.
This room is still too small for so many stuff. Instead of a couch at the small study, place an ottoman or a bean bag with the same pastel color.

The Compact, Industrial-Looking Bedroom

contemporary bedroom lamp
contemporary bedroom lamp : http://estiloescandinavo.files.wordpress.com

Do you live in a studio apartment? That means you should make do with the small bedroom you have. You can join two single beds together (especially if you live with your partner). A simple, large brown partition can be put by the head of the bed. Identical triplet lamps will light up the room.

It is indeed a unique, compact, and contemporary bedroom with a simple arrangement.
The hanging, identical triplet lamps might be too much. One is actually enough.

These are the 15 contemporary bedroom ideas with varieties that will not bore you. Whether you choose to have more colors or stick to something monochromatic, just take your pick.

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