15 Canopy Bed Curtains That Might Suit Your Fancy

Canopy bed curtains – If you enjoy an old-fashioned bed, having a four-poster, canopy bed is one idea. With a frame and no dressing, it makes the classic style look more authentic, even without canopy bed curtains. Still, living in a tropical area means having some covers needed. Otherwise, you may not get a good enough sleep.

To solve issues like mosquitos and humidity, check out some of these canopy bed curtains. Dress your bed with the right curtains, whether it is according to your personal taste, function, bed size and shape, or even all of them.
So, without further ado, here are some of them:

1. Get Classic Like Felicity : Canopy Bed Curtains

canopy bed curtain
canopy bed curtain : https://atmedia.imgix.net

Let’s get classic like the American Girl with her bed all coveted. Traditional and romantic, this bed canopy curtain style consists of almost all-white, from the bed, the curtain, the soft white carpeting, and the wall. White pictures in frames are hanging on the wall too.

Pros :
– You do not have to think so much about combining.
– The all-white arrangement is also timeless.
– You do not need to change so much throughout the trends.
Cons :
– Since it is almost all-white, you will need to clean it up more often. Plus, some stains are hard to wash off.
– Another issue is the possibility of boredom since this can get too bland for those who are into more colourful bedrooms.

2. The Classic, Sensual Style : Canopy Bed Curtain Ideas

canopy bed curtains
canopy bed curtains : https://cdn.freshome.com

Feathered canopy beds in the old days were used by royal families or richer people. For something more modern and convenient, we can change that with soft, sturdy mattresses for the bedding. The curtains can be made of something softer, like this white lace curtain.

– Lace curtains tend to be softer and thinner than other materials. This fabric is perfect for tropical areas. It still lets more air in.
– It will not limit your view, so you do not have to draw back the curtain to look out from your bed.
– Lace is soft and thin material, which means it tends to tear off easily if it gets ripped by accident.
– It still traps dust and you need to wash it gently by hands. Do not use a washing machine.

3. The Modern, Less-Coveted Canopy Bed

canopy bed with curtain
canopy bed with curtain : https://atmedia.imgix.net

Most canopy bed curtains may have the curtains drawn down. Of course, the idea is to cover you as you sleep. However, to some people, the idea of having the curtains down around them seem too suffocating.

This also occurs in tropical areas, where it can get really hot and humid. With just a single fabric panel, cover the top and behind the headboard.

– As mentioned earlier, this helps to reduce the heat and let more air in. This is why most people in tropical areas do not have curtains for their canopy beds.
– If you live in four-seasoned countries and the heater at home is broken, these curtains actually help to keep you warm during winter. Without them, you might need to go for an extra blanket and thicker outfit to sleep in.

4. The More Luxurious-Designed Canopy Bed with Curtains

canopy bed frame
canopy bed frame : https://cdn.freshome.com

When most canopy bed ideas consist of a typically rectangular-shaped frame, then this one is slightly different. There is an additional design at the top, which shapes more like a rooftop without a filler. This can make placing your canopy bed curtains just a little bit higher than usual.

– With such a design, you do not need to worry about ripping your curtains when they are down and you catch the end by accident. In fact, if you prefer lace fabric for your curtains, they are also light. Just pull the lower part up and get yourself out of bed.
– It takes quite a harder work to place or set your curtains, especially with the additional top.
– It also takes the same amount of hard work when you pull them down when it is time to wash them.

5. The Romantic Style : Canopy Bedroom Sets

canopy bedroom sets
canopy bedroom sets : https://i.pinimg.com

If your bedroom happens to be massive, this idea will intrigue you. Not only that the bed is large, the frames are also quite vast than most designs. There are a few steps of a space between the bed with where the curtains should hang. Plus, the lighting scheme (chandelier or a bedside reading table) could do the trick.

– No more worries about ripping the curtains by accident, since they are quite far away from your bed. The hooks on the frame also work wonders to draw the curtains more easily.

– You need an extra work of dismantling the curtains from the hooks when it is time for a wash and then attaching them back again.

6. The Landscape-Styled, Iron Canopy Bed

white canopy bed
white canopy bed : https://cdn.freshome.com

Most canopy beds are portrait-styled because they are made to suit the average human height, not width. However, this iron canopy bed is different. Also with an uplift top, the size of the bed is wide enough to have four people sleep on it. The idea for the canopy bed curtains is still the same: luxurious.

– The good thing is, the curtains do not have to be placed over the uplift top. With the right handles or hooks, you can still draw them more easily. Match the colors of the curtains with the bed and other furniture pieces in the room.
– This design and arrangement is a big no-no for smaller bedrooms. To avoid feeling rather claustrophobic, choose a smaller canopy bed if you live in a small house or a studio apartment.

7. The Gothic Canopy Bed Curtains

black canopy bed curtains
black canopy bed curtains : http://www.emptygravecomic.com

When it comes to canopy bed curtains, most people would consider something white or pastel colors. However, that does not mean that you cannot consider something outside the box. This gothic style canopy bed is one of them. The bedding might still be white with brown covers, but the lace curtains are black.

– All gothic fans would definitely love this style. It is sexy, mysterious, and unique. Even with the lace material, you can still sort of hiding yourself while you are in bed.
– If you are not into gothic stuff, you would definitely pass this. Besides looking too gloomy, the dark color tends to trap heat inside during summer. This may not be that ideal for those living in tropical areas unless you are really okay with it.

8. The Floral, Lovely Canopy Bed for The Little Princess

white canopy bed
white canopy bed : https://cdn.freshome.com

If you have a little daughter at home who loves playing princesses, she would probably love this arrangement in her bedroom. With one canopy bed and floral curtains in one corner of the room, all furniture pieces and interior in white and pink combination, she will feel like she is in her own fairy tale.

– Sweet, feminine style like this really represents your daughter – or any other girl – who likes girly-stuff.
– The decoration is also timeless and even better if the room is big enough.
– If this bedroom is for your daughter, there is a chance that she might grow out of it and would like a change.
– Plus, if the bedroom is not that big, too many furniture pieces might get in the way.

9. The Jungleland or Fantasy Island

canopy bed for little girl
canopy bed for little girl : timetraveller.co

If gothic-style feels a little too dark and gloomy for you, then this jungle land or fantasy island concept is another idea. The concept is a mixture of astrology and earth, so the turquoise curtains are perfect with the purple wall and the plastic vines around the canopy bed frames.
There is also a blanket of stars to go with. Not literally, though.

– You have your own unique bedroom, with a canopy bed and an interior like in a wonderland.
– Finding the right shade of turquoise curtains might be tricky since you would like it to be as unique as possible. Plus, if you shred them by accident, it might take a while to find the new curtains with the exact same shade.
– You will need a proper lighting too or it will still get too dark.

10. The Crown Canopy Bed

antique canopy bed
antique canopy bed : https://cdn.freshome.com

When most canopy beds have rectangular frames to hold the curtains around them, this one only has a round frame above the head of the bed. Inspired by the royal style, this canopy bed only has curtains more as an accessory instead of a function. It beautifies the bed and the bedroom interior, like in a fairy tale.

– The curtains will not get in your way when you get out of bed. It is just right above and behind your head, as you sleep.
– Since the curtains only work as an accessory, some people might feel that they are such a waste.

11. The Hot, Red Canopy Bed Curtains

sheer curtains for canopy bed
sheer curtains for canopy bed : https://i.pinimg.com

This style is a proof that curtains for your canopy bed do not always have to be white or in soft, pastel colors. After black for the goths and turquoise for fantasy fans, here come the hot, red canopy bed curtains. Just like how this color often represents, you get an aura of warmth and sensuality.

– This room is perfect to get a romantic mood between partners in bed. This also looks artistic and bold, especially if you are into an Oriental style.
– Since the color of the curtains is bright, you might want to reduce the lighting in the bedroom. That way, your bedroom may not feel too hot.

12. The Exotic Purple, Canopy Bed Curtains

sheer curtains for canopy bed
sheer curtains for canopy bed : https://cdn.freshome.com

This is another unique color that you can choose for your canopy bed curtains. Purple can look exotic, if you know the right shade and how to arrange the bedroom interior. With the carved wood frames, Mediterranean pastel walls and floors, purple covers and couch, and a black oak coffee table, you are all set.

– This arrangement gives a romantic atmosphere and brings nature inside. A vase of red roses makes a nice addition to the whole look.
– If the bedroom is smaller, you might need to lose the couch and the coffee table to save some space. It does not matter if both are not that big too.

13. The Swoon-Worthy Style

canopy bed decor
canopy bed decor : https://i.pinimg.com

Why is still style considered ‘swoon-worthy’? The entire look is already obvious: luxurious and classy. With a fully-coveted bed like that, it reminds you of a bed from a royal family. The soft combination of white and pastel grey is simple. No other ornaments are needed to accentuate the bed even more.

– If you are looking for a fully-coveted canopy bed, this is the one for you. The inner layer of the curtains is white too, so you will get warmer during winter.
– To some people, this arrangement may look stuffy and a little bit overboard.
– The double-layered curtains will add more heat during summer. Unless the room has an AC, this is not recommended for tropical areas.

14. The Fancy-Coloured, Canopy Bed Curtains

canopy bed decor
canopy bed decor : https://cdn.freshome.com

Not only another different color besides white and pastel, this idea for your canopy bed curtains also has something fancy in it. The curtains are yellow with patterns or statement prints. This is perfect for a fun, hip teenage girl’s bedroom. It is not too classic girly-girl, but more of a modern, urban type.

– The curtains make a nice focal point of the entire bedroom. Especially if the bed is right next to a large window or a glass door, these curtains with this color make a perfect cover as you sleep.
– Since the curtains are drawn close around the bed, this may feel stuffy to some people.
– The curtains are also hung down to the floor, which may cause you to step on them by accident and trip over if you are not careful.

15. The Creative Canopy Bed Curtains

canopy bed curtain ideas
canopy bed curtain ideas : https://cdn.freshome.com

Is your bed frameless or postless above? No worries. Just because it is a regular bed, it does not mean you cannot create an illusion of the usual canopy bed. The awnings can be added with this ropework, which also makes the bed looks less monotonous than the other typical designs.

– The curtains hung above in such a fashion is a nice accessory to your regular bed. What makes it unique is the idea to make it look like another canopy bed by adding the ‘illusion’ above.
– The ropework for the curtains might need a more professional help in redesigning the bedroom. If the rope is not properly fastened, the curtains might fall on you while you sleep at night.
– These are the 15 canopy bed curtains that you may consider. Which one suits your fancy?
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