15 Bedroom Mirror Ideas with Best Design Images

Bedroom mirror ideas – A mirror in a pretty frame is a must in every bedroom. It is one of those decor items that instantly enhance the adorning value of the room. A bedroom mirror adds sparkle to the room and makes it look spacious and beaming. They are so versatile that they are not limited to practical uses of grooming only. Based on how you plan on using them, they add an energetic or calming atmosphere.

Bedroom Mirror Ideas

bedroom mirrors
bedroom mirrors

Let’s have a look at the fifteen bedroom mirror ideas and how you can use it to increase the oomph factor.

1. Mirror with Mirrored Frame

bedroom mirror
bedroom mirror : pexels.com

Mirrors with mirrored frames or glass frames ooze out the style in your bedroom. They look elegant and blend brilliantly with the wall on which you mount them. They reflect light effortlessly and look like the centerpiece of your bedroom wall. You can pair them with backlights to give a make-up room look. The above image shows a simple yet beautifully lighted mirror with a glass frame. Even though the furniture adjacent to the mirror is ordinary, but the mirrored frame is giving a special touch.

– Mirrored frames can easily blend into any modern bedroom decor and emit a luxury feeling.
– These mirrors are easy to install
– Because the frame is primarily made of glass, handling needs special care; otherwise, they can crack easily.

2. Wardrobe Mirrors

bedroom mirror ideas
bedroom mirror ideas : pexels.com

If you have a small bedroom and you want to make the most use of it, then a wardrobe mirror is the best option. It saves you space, and your room appears spacious. This design is convenient to use, to choose your outfits, do your makeup, and get ready. It gives a classic look to any bedroom. It becomes efficient by adding the little shelves to keep your stuff segregated.

Pros :
– These mirrors save space giving an efficient and uncluttered look.
– These mirrors make your morning routine faster as you can take out your clothes and grooming accessories from the wardrobe and can get ready in front of the wardrobe mirror.
Cons :
– Since you will be using the wardrobes frequently, there are more chances of staining and fingermarks left on the mirrors.
– Difficult to install.

3. Bold Bedroom Mirrored Centerpiece

bedroom mirror wall
bedroom mirror wall : pixabay.com

You can place these mirrored centerpieces over the headrest of your bed. They create a bold statement on an otherwise awkward empty space over the headboard of your bed. You can match it with the furniture color in your bedroom. A wall mirrored centerpiece helps to reflect light into the room and makes the room feel bright on a cloudy day. The above image shows a mirrored centerpiece that gives an ethnic look as well as a statement look to your bedroom.

Pros :
–This mirror centerpiece serves as smart wall decor, and you can have a quick look at your face when you are ready to leave for a party
Cons :
– Because of the limited size, it won’t give you your full figure.

4. An Oval dressing table mirror

bedroom mirror furniture
bedroom mirror furniture : unsplash.com

An oval mirror mounted over a table can easily create a vanity table space in your bedroom. Your dressing table complements well with an oval mirror because the mirror does not have any sharp edges and angles. It is a simple yet useful addition to your bedroom. An oval mirror gives the most coverage to your face in the least amount of space utilized. Thus, oval mirrors save more wall space as compared to rectangular ones.

Pros :
– Oval mirrors give an elegantly simplified look in a heavily decorated bedroom.
– It is safe to handle as it does not have any sharp edges.
Cons :
– Because of the oval shape, these mirrors leave some negative space at the corners.

5. Sliding Door Standing Mirror

bedroom with mirror
bedroom with mirror : pexels.com

A standing door or floating mirror increases the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. If your walls are already having hanging showpieces, the idea of a standing door mirror serves the dual purpose of a modern sliding door and a full-size mirror. A floating mirror makes your bedroom look unique and sophisticated.

Pros :
– It is classy, creative, and makes your bedroom look big.
– Given the full height of a door, these mirrors give coverage to your entire body figure.
Cons :
– Installation is tricky and can be expensive as it requires special tools to set up.

6. Minimalistic framed mirror

bedroom with mirror wall
bedroom with mirror wall : unsplash.com

Minimalist mirrors make the room look sleek and clean. Because of their streamlined design, it looks perfect for a modern, contemporary bedroom. Choose the basic shapes like rectangular or circular for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Mirrors with thin or no borders are the best. The mirror in this picture is an example of a minimalistic mirror in the bedroom. String lights pair well with this kind of mirrors.

Pros :
– It is budget-friendly
– Being minimalist, it can complement well with other highly decorative pieces and lighting.
Cons :
– As the frames are usually very thin making these mirrors fragile.
– If not paired with other decorative items, these mirrors might look bland.

7. Free Standing Bedroom Mirror

bedroom mirror vanity
Free Standing Bedroom Mirror : unsplash.com

Freestanding mirrors are mobile. They allow you to reshuffle your bedroom furniture and be flexible with the interior design of your bedroom. Usually, these mirrors are large and lean against a bedroom wall. To reflect natural light in your bedroom, keep the mirror opposite to a bedroom window. These mirrors are easy to install. They can be a little heavy, but the big wooden frame on free-standing mirrors gives a luxurious look to the bedroom.

Pros :
–These mirrors reflect a lot of light, keeping the room bright.
– They make the bedroom look spacious.
– They are easy to move.
– They also let you see your full figure.
Cons :
– Stability is an issue. A strong push can make these mirrors slide and slip.
– In a small bedroom, they can obstruct the floor due to the confined bedroom space for walking around.

8. Elegant Framed Mirror

bedroom mirror decor
Elegant Framed Mirror : pexels.com

There are many modern and creative ideas when it comes to framed mirrors. A mirror with a beautiful contrasting frame comes in many shapes. It can be a simple geometric shape or an elaborate detailed free-flowing form. They come in textures of fresh color, brass, silver, rose gold, and wooden. Putting up a framed mirror makes a fantastic difference in a dull room. The above picture displays a metal-framed rectangularly shaped mirror that magnifies the wow factor of your bedroom.

Pros :
– Apart from looking beautiful, an elegant frame protects the mirror.
– An elegant frame gives you multiple options to change the frame material as per the wall tone.
Cons :
– Intricately designed elegant frames are expensive.
– The frame styling depends a lot on the bedroom wall tone, and if wrongly selected, the structure might look too bulky. Thus, the mirror might seem out of place.

9. Oversized Mirror and Matching Bedside Table

bedroom wall mirror ideas
Oversized Mirror and Matching Bedside Table : pixabay.com

If you are running low on the area in your room and do not have a dressing table area, then you can convert your bedside table into a vanity table by placing a large free-standing mirror behind it. The image above shows a classic yet resourceful example of an oversized mirror with a matching bedside table.

Pros :
– This idea saves space and gives your bedside table multiple uses in the form of keeping your nighttime reading books and acting as a dressing table
– The mirror stays protected behind the table, thus preventing any obstruction or collision while moving in the bedroom.
Cons :
– This mirror is hefty, and you cannot move it freely.
– The bedside table blocks half of the mirror, and hence the mirror cannot give you a full-height view of your body.

10. Hexagonal Mirror Cluster

bedroom mirrors
bedroom mirrors : pexels.com

A cluster of closely packed hexagonal mirrors acts as a good filler for that empty space on your bedroom wall. You can mount this cluster of mirrors above the headboard of your bed or over a table in your bedroom. Match the color of the frame of these hexagonal mirrors with the color of the adjacent items in the room. The image above shows the bold gold-colored mirror frames that complement nicely with the white-colored wall and planting pot.

Pros :
– It gives a beautiful honeycomb look to the wall.
– It reflects light to an otherwise dull part of the bedroom.
Cons :
– You cannot use this mirror as a regular vanity mirror and is mostly to amplify the interior decor of the room.

11. Vintage mirror

bedroom mirrors
Vintage mirror : pexels.com

The older the mirror, the more story it has to say. Beautiful imperfections in the frame of the mirror look antique. The vintage mirror comes in different materials like the distressed wood, rusted metal, and the Baroque mirror. The vintage mirrors come in circular, oval, square, and beautifully curved shapes. The antique mirrors are usually very heavy.

Pros :
– It increases interest and depth.
– It gives a rich, luxurious look.
Cons :
–The vintage wooden frame is susceptible to bug infestation.
–Delicate and Careful handling required.

12. Mirrored Door

bedroom mirrors
Mirrored Door : pexels.com

A door studded with multiple mirrors looks open. It gives a friendly vibe to your bedroom. When you invite your guests to show the bedroom, this magnificent mirrored door leaves a lasting impression. Mirrored doors also give a good light reflection and make the bedroom look brighter.

Pros :
– The multiple mirrors make the bedroom look more substantial.
– The mirrors make the wooden bedroom door look aesthetically pleasing.
Cons :
– Too many mirrors can create an optical illusion and confusion.
– Open and shut this door slowly; otherwise, the mirrors can shatter.

13. Mirrored Room Divider

bedroom mirrors
Mirrored Room Divider : pixabay.com

The bedroom is a room of romance. You can increase the romance level by including a sexy mirrored room divider or a mirrored boudoir in the bedroom. You can place it in a corner and on the romantic nights use it in the middle of the bedroom as a divider to create a private boudoir. This divider reflects the light from the lamps in your room giving an elegant look as shown in the image above.

Pros :
– The three mirrors are easy to move across the room.
– The mirrors serve a dual purpose of looking at your figure and creating temporary privacy on the other side of the divider.
Cons :
– The work on the room dividers is too intricate and can be expensive.

14. Mirrored Furnishings

bedroom mirrors
Mirrored Furnishings : unsplash.com

You can replace some of your wooden furnishings with mirrored furnishings. The image above shows an example of a chic mirrored furniture. It is best to have only one furnishing item as mirrored. Mirrored furnishings make the floor look bright by reflecting natural light on the bedroom floor.

Pros :
– A creative piece of bedroom decor.
– Mirrored furnishings enhance the energetic vibe of the bedroom.
Cons :
– Mirrored Furnishings are delicate.
– Mirrored Furnishings are costly.

15. Statement Headboard mirrors

bedroom mirrors
Statement Headboard mirrors : unsplash.com

A big headboard mirror is a statement mirror for your bedroom. As the above image shows, the beautiful statement mirror reflects natural light adequately and has brightened the bedroom. Also, it makes the small bedroom look big. You can have the headboard mirror in exciting shapes. It can also engage your children to have fun while jumping on the bed and visualizing themselves in the mirror simultaneously.

Pros :
– The bed overall looks more royal because of the big mirror.
– It gives the illusion of a big bedroom.
Cons :
–Cleaning of such big mirrors is a challenge.
– It is expensive to install statement mirrors and not easy to do so either.
Conclusion :

Apart from the above bedroom mirror ideas, you can use different types of lightings like string lights, recessed lighting, ambient lighting, and wall sconces to make your bedroom look beautiful and rich. You also need to ensure that the mirrors that you place in the bedroom are clean and without stains. Big mirrors tend to have a cleaning challenge, whereas small mirrors restrict only to decorative use. Ensure that your mirrors should not have very sharp edges and should be well protected by frames as far as possible. So, get going with renovating your bedroom with some of the mirror ideas mentioned above and share the tips with your friends too.

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